You are your brain!

Your brain determines every aspect of your life and without your brain, there is no ‘me’ or awareness of the world. our brain is always “on.” It deals with your thoughts and movements, your breathing and heartbeat, your senses; work hard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even while you sleep. All your life.

This means that your brain requires a constant supply of fuel. This “fuel” comes from the food you eat. Like a luxury car, your brain works best when it only gets ‘premium’ fuel.Eating high-quality foods that contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fatty acids, and probiotics, makes your brain function at full capacity, and fit to age better.

The main indicators of brain health are 4:

  • Attention span and concentration.
  • Learning agility.
  • Memory
  • Accuracy when performing activities.

If you notice that you are not in top shape in relation to any of these indicators, we recommend that you do not wait a minute to nourish your brain as necessary!

All our formulas contain:

  • The vitamins and minerals fundamental to brain health: B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin C, D, and Choline, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc.
  • Natural adaptogens and nootropics to improve and preserve brain functions.
  • And in some cases, probiotics, and potent natural antioxidants to maintain long-term brain health.

Brain Performance

Did you know that your brain processes about 400 billion bits of information per second, and about 70,000 thoughts a day?




B complex vitamins, vitamin C, D, minerals, and choline

Stay active, alert, and productive

Nootropic botanicals: Rhodiola, Schisandra and Ginkgo Biloba

Proven effectiveness to enhance your cognitive abilities

Brain Restoration

Did you know that your brain works 24/7 throughout your life, without rest, and its neurons connect with signals that travel at almost 500 km/hour?

The recovery and rest your brain needs


B complex vitamins, vitamin C, D, minerals, and choline

Stay calm, rested, and revitalized

Adaptogenic botanicals: Ashwagandha, Bacopa and Melissa

Proven effectiveness to restore and revitalize your brain

Brain Longevity

Did you know that, throughout life, your brain encodes experiences and creates your memories, skills, sense of identity, and way of seeing life?

You and your brain, in full capacities despite the passage of time


B complex vitamins, vitamin C, D, minerals, and choline

Keeping the brain at full capacity as we age

Nootropic Botanicals: Black Cumin and Lion's Mane Mushroom

Natural antioxidants: Green Tea, Resveratrol, and Astaxanthin

Probiotics to activate the gut-brain axis

Proven effectiveness to preserve your brain capabilities



What is Sapiens?

Sapiens is a line of food supplements especially focused on helping people improve their brain health.

How do I know that Sapiens really helps brain health?

Sapiens contains vitamins, minerals, and other natural micronutrients (botanicals with adaptogenic and nootropic properties, natural antioxidants, and probiotics), whose effectiveness in improving cognitive functions and promoting brain health is scientifically proven by numerous independent studies. If you do a search for these ingredients on the internet you will check it quickly!

How is Sapiens different from other supplements?

In many things, but the bottom line is that it contains ALL the vitamins and minerals that are important for brain health and functions, plus specific and scientifically proven natural ingredients, to help you boost your cognitive abilities and long-term brain health.

What smell and taste do Sapiens supplements have?

All our products are totally natural, made with the highest quality ingredients and plant extracts. None of our products contain additives, dyes, or preservatives. What you see inside the capsule are the ingredients themselves, powdered, with their color and smell as we find them in nature. The capsules are of vegetable origin, made of cellulose. Our products do not have a particularly strong or unpleasant smell or taste, but it is true that for some people with greater sensitivity it can be strong. Just remember in that case that the best way to take them is with breakfast and a glass of water, and in the case of products to sleep better with dinner and a glass of water.

Is it safe to take Sapiens every day?

Sapiens is a dietary supplement, not a drug, and it’s perfectly safe to take it every day following the recommendations for use you’ll find on its label. The Sapiens line complies with all European regulations for food supplements and is duly notified to the respective authorities.

Can Sapiens be taken by a child?

Sapiens formulas have been designed for adults. That said, a person over the age of 12 could in principle use it, but we recommend a prior consultation with your doctor or pediatrician before doing so.

Which Sapiens product is right for me?

Each of our 3 formulas contains the same base of vitamins and minerals needed in brain functions, plus other specific natural ingredients depending on what you’re looking for: improving your immediate cognitive performance, helping your brain rest and revitalize, or maintaining long-term brain health. Choose the option that best suits your goals, and if you do not decide, no problem! Sapiens products are combinable and compatible with each other!

How to combine the taking of different sapiens formulas?

The 3 formulas of Sapiens, Performance, Restoration, and Longevity, have the same recommended daily dose of 2 capsules. Performance and Longevity are taken along with breakfast, while Restoration should be taken with dinner. If you want to combine Sapiens Performance with Sapiens Restoration, you must take 1 capsule (instead of 2) of Performance (breakfast) and 1 capsule (instead of 2) of Restoration (dinner). If you want to combine Performance or Restoration with Longevity, you must combine 1 capsule of either of these two (breakfast or dinner, as appropriate) along with 1 capsule of Longevity (breakfast).

Can I take Sapiens at the same time as a medicine?

Unless your medication package leaflet states otherwise, which we ask you to check carefully, Sapiens does not have any use restrictions.

Can I get the nutrients offered by Sapiens through my usual diet?

Yes of course! Simply keep in mind that it will be not very practical, since, in order to reach the amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that we offer in Sapiens, you should eat a large amount of food every day. And not only would you be ingesting the essential nutrients, but also all the calories from that large amount of food!, which the supplement clearly does not include… Here we give you an approximation of what you should eat each day to get what Sapiens offers you in its recommended daily dose: 3kg of almonds, 25 cups of wild rice, 1 avocado, 1kg of mushrooms, 50 Brussels sprouts, 18 eggs, 2 oranges, 80g of salmon, 500g of broccoli, 1kg of peas. Until there you will have covered what you need to obtain the vitamins and minerals that Sapiens offers you daily… now the extra ingredients: plants with adaptogenic and nootropic properties are not usually in our diets, so you should incorporate them… and to this you should add for the case of Sapiens Brain Longevity 2 cups of green tea, 30kg of black grape, 30 cups of yogurt.

Where has Sapiens been developed and where is it manufactured?

All our products have been developed in Europe and are manufactured in Europe.

What quality tests are performed on Sapiens?

Sapiens complies with all the regulations required by the European authorities, both during its manufacture and during its placing on the market.

Where can I buy Sapiens?

As we try to adapt to the new reality in which we live, we have decided to sell only through e-commerce. You can buy Sapiens on this website or on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Why are there other supplements with lower prices?

First of all, each company is free to set its own prices. You’re coming across everything. In our case, we have tried to adjust our prices as much as possible, taking into account that our products meet certain qualities, contain many ingredients, and contain them at proven doses. We are sure that our prices are very competitive considering what we offer. The daily dose to nourish your brain with Sapiens costs you a third of the price of a coffee at the bar!

Is Sapiens packaging recyclable?

Yes! This is very important to us. Our packaging is made of PET, a 100% recyclable material.

How big are the Sapiens capsules?

Because our formulas are very complete and at doses with proven efficacy, they do not fit in one of the smallest capsules. We use 00 (23.6mm) capsules, which is the second most widely used capsule size in the supplement industry. This capsule is only 2.3mm larger than size 0, the most widely used on the market.