Some of us carry out our activity in places with high exposure to the public (airports, public transport, shops, restaurants, health centers) or exposed to environmental pollution.

Others have a more vulnerable immune system due to disorders in our intestinal flora, which also causes recurrent abdominal discomfort. We can also be subjected to greater stress, even the simple fact of not sleeping well can predispose us differently to these risks.


Did you know that each person you meet on public transport carries an approximate load of 100 trillion bacteria, viruses and fungi?



Complete multivitamin at HIGH doses and with proven effectiveness

Extra reinforcement of defenses against viruses, bacteria, and environmental pollution

With Propolis and concentrated Reishi Mushroom extract

For people who work in front of the public or use public transportation


Did you know that our body consumes as much energy as a 100-watt light bulb permanently on?



Complete multivitamin at HIGH doses, with proven effectiveness

Strengthens defenses and improves energy levels naturally

With Coenzyme Q10 and concentrated Yerba Mate extract

For people with high demand for physical and mental energy


Did you know our intestine houses about 100 trillion bacteria of different species, and these are essential in our digestion and immune system?



Complete multivitamin at HIGH doses and with proven effectiveness

Strengthens defenses and improves digestion

With prebiotic fiber and 3 billion probiotics

For people with intestinal flora disorders


Did you know that during sleep a "self-cleaning" mechanism that is essential to maintaining its health in the short and long term takes place in our brain?



Complete multivitamin at HIGH doses and with proven effectiveness

Strengthens defenses, reduces stress, and helps you sleep better

With concentrated extract of Ashwagandha and Melatonin

For people with higher levels of stress or insufficient rest


Did you know that there are natural ways to help your brain produce serotonin, called the feel-good hormone?



Complete multivitamin at HIGH doses and with proven effectiveness

Strengthens defenses, reduces stress, and helps improve mood ​

With concentrated extract of Ashwagandha and l-Tryptophan

For people with higher levels of stress or mood swings


Did you know that the overload of toxins in the body slows down the metabolism, causing fatigue, fluid retention, and a weakened immune system?



Complete multivitamin at HIGH doses and with proven effectiveness

Strengthening defenses, elimination of fluids and toxins

With concentrated artichoke and milk thistle extract

For people with a tendency to retain fluids and toxins



What is 12 Defenses?

12 Defenses is a line of nutritional supplements specially focused on helping people strengthen their immune system.

How do I know that 12 Defenses really helps the immune system?

12 Defenses contains vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients, whose effectiveness in supporting the immune system is scientifically proven by numerous independent studies. If you do a quick search for these ingredients on the internet you will quickly check it out!

How is 12 Defenses different from other supplements?

In many things, but the fundamental one is that it contains ALL the vitamins and minerals that are important for our immune system, 11 in total, and contains them at a DOSE in some cases higher than what other supplements offer, since they are the doses scientifically proven to have an effect on the immune system. In addition, 12 Defenses includes in each of its formulas, a 12th element, a combination of natural nutrients specially designed to help each person according to their reality and lifestyle.

What smell and taste do 12 Defenses supplements have?

All our products are totally natural, made with the highest quality ingredients and plant extracts. None of our products contain additives, dyes, or preservatives. What you see inside the capsule are the ingredients themselves, powdered, with their color and smell as we find them in nature. The capsules are of vegetable origin, made of cellulose. Our products do not have a particularly strong or unpleasant smell or taste, but it is true that for some people with greater sensitivity it can be strong. Just remember in that case that the best way to take them is with breakfast and a glass of water, and in the case of products to sleep better with dinner and a glass of water.

Is it safe to take 12 Defenses every day?

Despite being so complete and having higher doses of some ingredients than other supplements, 12 Defenses is a dietary supplement, not a drug, and it is perfectly safe to take it every day following the recommendations for use that you will find on its label. 12 Defenses complies with all European regulations for food supplements and is duly notified to the respective authorities.

Can a child take 12 Defenses?

The 12 Defenses formulas are designed for adults. That said, a person over the age of 12 could in principle use it, but we recommend prior consultation with your doctor or paediatrician before doing so.

Which 12 Defenses product is right for me?

Each of our 4 formulas contains the same base, 11 vitamins and minerals in scientifically proven doses to help the immune system. To this base a 12th element is added to help you in your specific case, because we know that not all lives are the same and therefore our immune systems face very different challenges. We recommend that you take a look at our 4 products, compare their 12th item, and decide which one best suits you and what you are looking for.

How to combine taking different 12 Defenses formulas?

The 5 formulas of 12 Defenses (ImmunoPROTECT, ImmunoENERGY, ImmunoPROBIO, ImmunoRESCUE, ImmunoRESET) have the same recommended daily dose of 2 capsules. They are all taken with breakfast, except ImmunoRESCUE, which should be taken one hour before going to bed. If you want to combine 2 different 12 Defenses formulas, all you have to do is take one capsule of each (instead of 2 of each), with breakfast. Remember that, if you combine ImmunoRESCUE, that capsule should be taken 1 hour before going to sleep, while that of the other formula should be taken with breakfast.

Can I take 12 Defenses at the same time as a medicine?

Unless the package insert of your medicine indicates otherwise, which we ask you to verify carefully, 12 Defenses does not have any type of use restriction.

Can I get the nutrients that 12 Defenses offers through my regular diet?

Of course! Just keep in mind that it will be impractical, since, in order to reach the amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that 12 Defenses offers, you should eat a large amount of food each day. And you would not only be ingesting the essential nutrients, but also all the calories from that large amount of food, which 12 Defenses clearly does not include … Here we give you an approximation of what you should eat each day to get what 12 Defenses offers in its recommended daily dose: 1 large carrot, 1 avocado, 50 Brussels sprouts, 18 eggs, 19 oranges, 80mg of salmon, 2.5kg of nuts, 100g of legumes, 500g of broccoli, 5 cups of wild rice, 1kg of peas. So far you will have covered what is necessary to obtain the 11 vitamins and minerals at the doses of 12 Defenses … now the 12th element, according to the formula you have chosen: 20kg of honey, 1kg of Reishi mushroom, 30 cups of Yerba Mate, a slice of onion, 30 pots of yogurt, 1 Ashwagandha root … you will not get Melatonin in food since it is produced by your body, or it is produced through laboratory processes.

Where has 12 Defenses been developed and where is it manufactured?

All our products have been developed in Europe and are manufactured in Europe.

What quality tests are performed on 12 Defenses?

12 Defenses complies with all the regulations required by the European authorities, both during its manufacture and during its placing on the market.

Where can I buy the 12 Defenses?

As we try our best to adapt to the new reality in which we live, we have decided to sell only through electronic commerce. You can buy 12 Defenses in this webpage or you can go to online retailers like Amazon.

Why are there other supplements with lower prices?

Above all, each company is free to set its own prices. In our case, we have tried to adjust our prices as much as possible, taking into account that our products meet high quality standards, contain many ingredients, and contain them at high doses. We are sure that our prices are very competitive considering what we offer. The daily dose to strengthen your immune system with 12 Defenses costs you a third of what a coffee costs at the bar!

Is the 12 Defenses packaging recyclable?

Yes! This is very important for us. Our packaging is made of PET, a 100% recyclable material.

How big are the 12 Defenses capsules?

Because our formulas are very complete and at doses with proven efficacy, they do not fit in one of the smallest capsules. We use 00 (23.6mm) capsules, which is the second most widely used capsule size in the supplement industry. This capsule is only 2.3mm larger than size 0, the most widely used on the market.